About us


Welcome to To Save a Life, we’re so glad you’re here!

After releasing the “To Save A Life” movie in 2009, To Save a Life became an online community of over one million individuals facing mental health battles, struggles with addiction, suicide, sexual sin, relationships, and shame.

We are all broken people living in a broken world. We all carry around shame that has already been paid for in Jesus Christ on the cross. The fact of the matter is, we are all sinners in desperate need of a Savior.

Because the struggle is real.

Our mission is to meet people wherever they’re at in their struggle, and cultivate a community that has the power to:

—Save Lives & Transform Eternities
—Ignite REAL Conversations That Inspire Hope & Healing
—Leverage Social Media to Share Stories That Matter
—Find Freedom From Shame
—Bring Beauty out of Brokenness

At To Save a Life, we want to collectively leverage the world of social media and the internet as a platform to shift the conversation from shame and condemnation to stories of freedom, redemption, love, and victory which can only be found in Christ.

As an online community of millions, we have the power to encourage those who struggle with depression and anxiety. We can deliver hope to the addicted and abused, and we can literally save lives by sharing practical steps for suicide prevention.

Jesus warns that there will be trials in this life. But we don’t have to fear or live in shame of our sins, because He has overcome the world.

You are not your sin or your shame. You are not your mental illness, your suicide attempt, or your addiction. You are not defined by the trials of this world, but by the perfect Creator who made you for such a time as this. And you are never alone in your battle.

Hope has a name, and it’s Jesus.

Your story holds power, and your pain has a purpose. Join us, as we share REAL stories of REAL people facing REAL battles in this broken world.

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